Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fleece me!

Nine days left till Christmas, are you ready? Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite SUGAR gal and can't seem to find it? Stop in SUGAR this week, with new items arriving daily. And seriously, daily! Just yesterday I un-wrapped ( well actually my new favorite SUGAR stylist, Jenny, un-wrapped the box. You may remember Jenny from Piccolo Forno. Now her and her bouncing SUGAR baby are in full swing at SUGAR! She is so helpful! BIG shout out for Jenny! ) Where was I??? Oh, Jenny just un-wrapped a box of fleecy wonderfulness, Plush! Plush makes all things sleek, lined with fleece. It's truly amazing! Two styles are currently available at SUGAR, one is a stirrup legging, great for under a tunic or a dress or just to keep warm under pants ( $38 ). The other is a little bit thicker legging lined with fleece with a beautiful stitch down the seam ( $58 ). Both are black and super cute! Featured in Nylon Magazine, you can't go wrong!!

For some reason this season, I can't get enough of coats and jackets. I am not sure why. Is it because everyone residing in Pittsburgh needs at least two or three? Is it because they are all so cute this season? Is it because they are the perfect must have item in retail? I don't know, but I have three more styles coming in. From brown velvet military to red flouncy tied up, coats are what's going on! At great prices too! Both are around $100! Not bad for unique outer wear.

Up next? Gifts! Still so many gifts. I keep bringing in more jewelry. Fun jewelry that are perfect for gift giving. Bracelets starting at $12! And hand made rings starting at $20! Just yesterday, Local designer, Kelly Lockerman, came into SUGAR and introduced me to her beautiful feather headband line. So unique, perfect for the holiday parties coming up, made by a LOCAL designer and for a super sweet $20! I don't' have an image just yet, but these are worth checking out!

Enjoy the last minutes of the holiday rush and remember Jenny and I are always available by appointment. You need a gift at midnight?? Just email and I will be there!

Happy holidays!

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