Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the countdown is on...

With Black Friday only three days away, you all are probably really starting to think about the gift giving season!! Some words of advice, stay away from the Mall! Lawrenceville has all you need for the gift giving season! Not only that, but SUGAR has just what you need to make sure you're the best gift giver this season. Ordering wares and gifts in limited quantities, we make sure you won't see the same gift given twice. Not only do we select merchandise from many independent designers locally and from around the US ( jewelry starting at $18-$22, handbags starting at $48 and winter coats starting at $78- $108), we also have an array of sweet gifts sure to make you the best secret Santa or mystery Menorah on the block!

SUGAR is open Wednesday from 11-6, Black Friday from 10-7, Saturday from 10-7 and Sunday from 11-3!
This holiday season we ask you to support local, support Lawrenceville!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A spoon full of SUGAR...

helps the medicine go down... well may be Mary Poppins, but I was thinking more along the lines of sweetening up my closet! Available this week at SUGAR be ready to be dazzeled by our warm coats made of soft wool, fully lined in rich navy blue and belted black ($108). And for you flannel lovers out there, we even have cozy flannel ($78 ) in deep gold and red in a stretchy acrylic that wears great over our denim leggings (SALE $20 ).

Is it jewelry you crave? Get your bling on at SUGAR with bracelets that are bedazzling with vibrant colors ( $12 ) and re-constructed necklaces made locally from vintage jewelry ( $48 ).

Gifts you need? We got it! Organic Soy candles made locally ( $15 ). Makeup bags ( $10 ) and tote bags ( $15 ) made from recycled plastic crossing seas from the UK. Beauty kits and sewing kits ( $25 ), what every girl on the go needs!

AND coming this week we also have hats and scarves, belts and earrings! Get an early start on your holiday shopping and hit up the sweetest boutique, if I do say myself ;), in town!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wu and Wu...

For the last few years, SUGAR has been about you. Yourself, what you want and what you wear. Well I say, sharing is caring. SO, with that, SUGAR is now introducing an array of gift type items hand-made in London by Wu and Wu. Cute, Sugary, fun and all at a great gift giving price. Make up bags and tote bags made from recycled products between 10-15 bucks. Beauty and sewing kits, perfect for the traveling woman or lady on the go, $25! Sweet! That's what I say.
While you're checking out Wu and Wu, don't forget to notice our knit scarves $18, Organic candles $15 and tops starting at $38! And some say we only sell $300 dresses, come on!
Undeniably SUGAR and perfectly priced.
I hope to see you soon!