Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Local Yokel

Local this, Local that, we have all been hearing about it. On the news, grass roots meetings, national brands, big box corporations and even Wal-Mart ads. ( I think I just broke out in hives writing that W word ).

We are also hearing ads run about being fashionable and frugal. What is it? "Frugalista".

For years SUGAR has been an independent local boutique native to a neighborhood that supports primarily local business. SUGAR, has also, for years catered to selling local designer fashions. The problem is, such independent designers come at a price. A price well worth it, that's for sure. Hand-made art and garments don't come cheap, nor should they.

I must say myself, SUGAR is a little sick of the reputation of being too expensive, too nice. Well, Introducing a new SUGAR! Still keeping the local flare, SUGAR is now introducing lines that a "Frugalista" can love without compromising the Local feel. How you ask? Easy, a couple great artists, a few great manufacturer's, a local boutique with the local neighborhood feel. This ain't no Wal-Mart. What about Saving money, living better and actually contributing to the local economy? Sounds good to me. A bunch of new SUGAR wares all under $100. Dresses, sweaters, jackets, tops and pants available now! Support local and keep it real in your neighborhood!

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