Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My artist is better than your...

It was January 1, 2009. Bitter cold outside and not many on Butler St by foot. A six year old artist was drawing and creating in SUGAR and decided to set up shop. There he was, drawing, displaying and merchandising his art. This child is far from shy. In walks a group of two guys and two gals. " Hi! My name is ___", he says, "want to see my art?" "Of course" they replied. The family bought three pieces and the rest is history.

HappyArt! Created by a six year old boy, and printed locally in Lawrenceville, by Michael Devine of Zombo Gallery. These tee shirts are just what they are named, HappyArt. Each design made from love and the passion only a child can bring. Printed on organic cotton tees by Alternative Apparel and Article 1, HappyArt is a stylish women's tee shirt line ( currently available in three styles ), affordable ( only $28 ) and environmentally and locally conscience.

When asked "What are you going to be when you grow up? An Artist?" This little one, sasses right back- eyes rolling- " I already am and artist, I'm going to be a scientist!"

HappyArt, only available at SUGAR!
PS. there are a few men's sizes too :)

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