Saturday, September 5, 2009

SUGAR makes house calls...

OK, well not that type of house call silly. SUGAR will come to you, any day of the week with wares in tow to sweeten up your wardrobe. Think of it as a dress party. You, your friends, me and a TON of goodies coming to the comfort of your own home for a private viewing. Throw in a bottle of wine and we have a party!

So you're wondering, "what's the catch?" No catch! There is no fee for this party either. Life gets busy, with kids and school, work and family, I will make it easier by bringing SUGAR to you. Holiday dress season is right around the corner. I can make styling for it easy breezy!

If this is something that would interest you and your friends, email me at : and we can get the party started!
ps: this photo was taken at my first house party out in Cranberry Twp! Thanks ladies :)

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